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Affordable modern cloth nappies

Evia Nappies are a pocket style modern cloth nappy that are easy to use, better for your little one and kinder to the environment.

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I tried about 5 different brands but the fit wasn’t great on my bubs, usually the elastic digs into his back and legs, then I found Evia and the fit is perfect and I love the designs. I also love that it has that double gusset to prevent any poo explosions. I can happily report that it does the job. I was also really impressed with how absorbent and fast drying the inserts are. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks Evia! X


Great products, great quality and beautiful designs.
Very helpful.


I think these are an amazing nappy. I get a great fit with my chunky bub, and the patterns are lovely. Would definitely recommend!


These nappies are awesome!...
Thank you Evia- I am now a cloth convert!! I'm slowly building up my stash so I can have all my children in cloth all the time!


Loving these affordable cloth nappies on my 3month old! They wash and line dry far quicker than many designer $40 nappies. The double gussett also prevents poo explosions - while the poonami’s that do occur are not as huge as those with disposable nappies. Highly recommend.


Great product. They’re well made with very soft inner fabric and beautiful prints and colours on the exterior. Easy to put on and off with all the different snaps to get the perfect fit for bub. The Evia team is incredibly helpful and supportive too making the whole transition to cloth so easy!


We love our Evia nappies. They are very affordable and the quality is equal if not better than more expensive brands. They are super easy to use, wash well and have great absorption.
Also, the wet bags are amazing! Easily fit a towel and swimmers in after a trip to the beach.