Why choose Evia Nappies?

  1. Affordable
    It can sometimes be hard to justify the cost of using modern cloth nappies. Evia Nappies offer a range of high-quality modern cloth nappies at an affordable price making it easier for you to use cloth on a full-time or part-time basis.
  2. Double Gusset design
    Our pocket cover features a unique double gusset that's designed to better contain leaks. 
  3. 5 layer bamboo terry insert
    A 5-layer bamboo terry insert comes standard when you purchase your Evia Nappies. These inserts offer greater absorbency than standard microfiber inserts, reducing the need to regularly boost your nappies with additional inserts, and helping to avoid leaks.

  4. Grows with your baby
    Easy to use snap buttons mean you can adjust the size of the nappy to suit your growing baby. One size fits most nappies ensure you get longer life from your nappy.

  5. Comfortable
    Adjustable snaps along the waist and front of the nappy help ensure you get a comfortable fit around your baby's waist and legs.
  6. Delicate on the skin
    One of the main reasons why we chose to convert to reusable nappies was due to constant rashes and irritations from disposable nappies. A variety of powders and creams only seemed to exacerbate the problem which prompted us to try reusable cloth nappies. The change was immediately noticeable.

  7. Better for the environment
    It takes 3.5 times more energy to produce disposable nappies, and over 500 years for disposable nappies to decompose.

  8. Saves you money

    Parents can expect to go through approximately 2500 nappies in a baby's first year of life spending upwards of $800. Considering a typical child wears nappies up until toilet training on average at 2.5 years, disposable nappies can cost parents between $2-3,000 per child.

    A full-time supply of 20 Evia Nappies at $18.95 costs only $379

    Washing costs equate to 70 cents per load, based on a hot wash in a 5.5L top loader machine, dried on the line.