How do reusable nappies work?

How do reusable nappies work?

Evia Nappies are a classic pocket style modern cloth nappy which can be adjusted to provide your baby with a secure and comfortable fit. Designed to fit babies from 4kg - 18kg, our reusable nappies are ideal from newborn all the way to toilet training age.

Our reusable nappies consist of two separate parts - the nappy cover and the insert.

The nappy cover

A thin cover featuring 2 layers - one water resistant layer and a moisture wicking layer.

The Outer Layer is water resistant PUL and made from 100% polyester. Its main feature is to retain the moisture within the absorbent layers of the nappy, keeping clothes dry and stain free. The outer layer also features Evia Nappies cute designs and solid colour prints.

The Inner Layer is the fabric that sits directly against the baby’s skin. This micro suede layer is made from polyester and designed to quickly wick away and moisture. The double gusset to provides and additional barrier and gives you with added protection from potential explosions. It’s soft to touch, dries fast, and is white in colour.

The pocket is the area between the outer PUL area and inner layer. There is an elasticated pocket along the back of the nappy so you can easily slip in the absorbent insert.

The snaps are positioned across the front of the nappy and can be adjusted to achieve the ideal nappy fit on your baby. Consisting of 3 rise snaps and 10 waist snaps.

Elastics are found along the back of the nappy and around the legs. Providing stretch and giving a comfortable fit around these areas so your baby can move freely.

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Product image

The insert

The absorbent component of the nappy. Consisting of 5 layers of moisture wicking fabric and is best for little ones who are moderate wetters.

Top and bottom layers are made from bamboo terry. Composed of 80% bamboo and 20% polyester, it’s designed to quickly absorb moisture so your little one stays dry and fresh.

Middle layers comprise of 3 layers of micofiber.

If your baby is a heavy wetter or you’re looking to boost levels of absorbency we recommend substituting the bamboo terry insert for our hemp insert or boosting the nappy with multiple inserts. 

How do swim nappies work?

Evia Swim Nappies are great for wearing to the beach, swimming pool, or for simply having some water play in the sun. They are a perfect fit for newborn babies all the way to toilet training toddlers (3.5kg - 12kg). The best part is, you won’t have to deal with squishy disposal nappies that just soak up lots of swimming pool water!

The Outer Layer is a water resistant PUL and made from 100% polyester. It features Evia Nappies cute prints and is designed to contain any poo explosions.

The inner layer features a stretchy nylon mesh lining designed to provide your little one with maximum comfort.

The snaps along the waist are side snapping and have three different options - small, medium and large. The same applies to the rise settings with the snaps being found along the front of the nappy.

The elastics are found along the waist and legs of the swim nappy. At approximately 1cm in thickness, these elastics are comfortable around your bub yet strong enough to contain any solids.  

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What is a wet bag?

A wet bag is a reusable bag which can be used for many things, but traditionally it’s used to store clean or dirty nappies. Made from PUL the bag is designed to be water resistant, therefore keeping the soiled nappy contents contained.

If the bag gets dirty, simply add it to the main wash or your nappy routine and hang on the washing line to dry. It’s quick to dry and can be used again and again. 

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Some other great uses for wet bags include:

  • Transporting soiled or dirty clothes from daycare to home (given that many daycare send home dirty clothes in single use plastic bags, this is a great alternative for families looking to reduce their environmental impact. 
  • Transporting a spare change of clothes in the daycare bag
  • Snacks for little one (or yourself) when you’re on the go
  • Mini nappy bag - enough to fit a few nappies and spare change of clothes
  • Storing breast pump and breast pump parts
  • Reusable gift wrapping
  • Activity bag - store colouring books, pencils and stickers
  • Store wet bathers, goggles and towels (swimming/ beach gear)