Our Story 

Evia Nappies is a small family owned business operating out of Geelong, Victoria. We are two mums, Stacey and Alex, who each have little ones in modern cloth nappies.

Our mission is to have as many little bottoms in reusable nappies as possible because we’re conscious about the impact single use nappies has on the environment.

Our aim is to provide an affordable range of modern cloth nappies for budget conscious families. We believe going cloth doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be expensive, nor does it have to be difficult.

We’re here to provide you with guidance on your cloth nappy journey from newborn to toilet training. From questions about the number of nappies you need, the fit of your nappy to troubleshooting leaks - we’re here to help at every step.

Together we can make a change and minimise our impact on the environment and our wallets.

If you have any questions about your cloth nappy journey we’re always happy to hear from you. Send us email or chat to us on Instagram or Facebook. 

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Now more than ever we need to invest in building a better future for our children. With disposable nappies taking over 500 years to decompose, it's scary to think that the very first nappy is still out there somewhere in landfill. As a small business we are trying to find ways of operating in a way that minimise our impact on the environment.

This is only just the beginning of our journey and we know that more can be done to ensure we're bringing you a range of products which meet ethical manufacturing standards and operate in a way which doesn't hurt the environment. We have some initiatives on our roadmap and will share these with you when we can.

But fore now, here are some of the ways we're currently doing our bit.

Saying no to plastic

We are conscious of the impact out business has on the environment which is one of the reasons why we choose to send as many of our packages as possible using Heropacks which are a 100% compostable mailer and can easily go in with your general household composting. Our manufacturer also ensures our products are not individually wrapped in plastic therefore minimising any excess packaging. 

Choosing the right partners 

To ensure we get your order to your doorstep, our preferred courier company is Sendle. They are a 100% carbon neutral delivery service that offset their emissions by supporting initiatives aimed at preserving and regenerating natural ecosystems, whether it’s restoring endangered rainforest habitats or providing clean water access for communities in Africa.

Collaborating  with our manufacturer

Evia Nappies is an Australian Owned company and we partner with manufacturers in China to source and create our products. Understanding how our materials are sourced and ensuring optimal working conditions is important to us and we know it’s important to our customers too. We have an ethical trading agreement in place to ensure fair wages and safe working condition are met.